Saturday, July 30th 2016 South Lake Union Park

The 13th Annual Seattle Dragon Boat Festival is scheduled for July 30th, 2016. More than 10,000 spectators will line the shores of South Lake Union to cheer on approximately 1000 local and visiting athletes. On shore an exciting lineup of professional entertainers will perform from the World Beat Stage. Artisans will demonstrate and display their crafts and there will be plenty of hands-on activities for visitors of all ages and abilities.

Dragon boating is a sport that captivates its participants and spectators alike. The 13th Annual Seattle Dragon Boat Festival is proud to present programs that promote diversity and inclusiveness, while paying homage to an activity that has its roots in ancient China and celebrates the many unique aspects of Chinese culture.

Dragon boat racing has a rich history of ceremonial tradition, with dragons traditionally believed to be the rulers of rivers, lakes and seas, dominating the clouds, mists and rains from heaven. Each boat is large enough to seat 20 people with a sweep to steer and a drummer pounding loudly above the thrashing paddles and cheering spectators.

Don’t miss the thrilling competition as these spectacular 12-metre long boats, flamboyantly decorated to feature the head and tail of the dragon, battle it out on beautiful South Lake Union.

Who we are

The Seattle Dragon Boat Festival is managed by the Canadian International Dragon Boat Festival Society (CIDBFS). The CIDBFS has over 27 years of experience organizing and operating dragon boat festivals, including the well-known Vancouver Dragon Boat Festival held in Vancouver, BC every year, which draws over 180 teams from around the world. Future plans for Seattle will include expansion of event activities while still keeping the friendly fun atmosphere that participants have enjoyed in the past. Local paddling organization Club Sake will continue to play a key role as members of the Organizing Committee.

Learn to Paddle

Come check out our fleet of canoes, kayaks, outriggers, & dragon boats!


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